Projects I follow

You can find projects I follow on this page including what I'm actually waiting for. Most of the time, they are promising projects I want to use, but they are missing features I need.

This page is in english, because that's the main language in most of these projects.

They develop an innovative mechanism to fund public goods and implement it in their own platform. Ultimately, I want to use such a platform to fund projects I use.


  • [ ] Have the new crowdmatching mechanism ready and published, so I can talk about and link to it
  • [ ] Have support for SEPA payments (#156)
  • [ ] Have their own funding ready using the new mechanism, so i can announce their solution and suggest to fund them
  • [ ] Have a first external project to fund, so i can test it and see how well it works
  • [ ] Be able to fund my favorite projects there. when their funding approach is successful, projects will join

I got involved to get there faster.


They are founding a workers coop to enable new ways of working in IT. I'm a founding member.


  • [ ] Actually found the coop (planned for 2021)
  • [ ] Be able to write invoices, so I can do freelance business without own legal entity

Mobile NixOS

A project from Samuel Dionne-Riel. He ports NixOS to mobile devices that usually run Android. Of course, i would love to run NixOS also on my smartphone!


  • [ ] Run Mobile NixOS on a device i own (i consider even buying a new one for this)
  • [ ] Be able to use it for daily tasks


A federation protocol for version control services. This will help to make decentralized platforms like Codeberg more attractive to users of popular, proprietary platforms like GitHub und GitLab.


  • [ ] I want to be able to create issues and merge requests from my account on a Gitea instance to a GitLab instance
  • [ ] I want to be able to favorite projects on other instances

GNU Taler

They create an open source online payment system that protects the payers privacy and prevents fraud at the same time.


  • [ ] Release a stable version 1.0 (see roadmap)
  • [ ] Be able to transfer Euros to my wallet
  • [ ] Be usable with my bank (they actually evaluate it internally)
  • [ ] Be able to pay something online

This will be useful to fund public goods like free software projects.


They are creating a digital cinema camera as open hardware, called the AXIOM Beta. I contributed in their crowdfunding to get one.


  • [ ] Power Board V2
  • [ ] Full Enclosure

See the Development Status for the latest updates.

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