10th Novembre 2009

GNA|Luxjan is not longer in the GNA|Clan cause he published the server password we decided to kick him out of the clan. A second reason was his childish behaviour.

23th Octobre 2009

Just played since very long time.

GNA|Hacke (Novice) joined us since we played a lot together.

Also we have 2 new Members GNA|^Baummann^ and GNA|Luxjan.

31th August 2008

Just played since long time.

Novice is a friend of us but not in the clan.


24th July 2008

Now devil is in the ac ladder.

Search for „GNA“ to find us in the ladder.

22th July 2008

We had heavy discussions together because 2 members remembered us to our rules.

We don´t wants any members except germans because our name is german n00b army.

You can play with and against us but not in our clan.

And so we decide that latura and hancock must leave us.

21th July 2008

hancock join us.

Gameserver longtime test.

20th July 2008

MacKing join us.

Friend of davidak since long time.

Now back from holidays.

Server is working fine.

18th July 2008

Hitman and ShinobiVox join us.

davidak and devil are working and testing on a clan server.

Not jet working but soon ; -)

17th July 2008

Moved from to here with its own CMS.

Its another DokuWiki installation with a cool template.

The Photo in the Header is under a CreativeCommons-License and was shot by heatkernel.

davidak design and code the whole night to gets it work.

He also write an article in his german blog.

latura join us.

Hes not german, but a really nice person we played a lot with.

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